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TalentEgg Interviews Ebook Authors Britanie Wilson and Jeremy Lucyk

  Former Centennial College Book and Magazine Publishing graduates and the authors of our new eBook mini-series Entering the Publishing Industry were recently interviewed by TalentEgg’s Justine Abigail Yu. Authors Britanie Wilson and Jeremy Lucyk sat down with Justine to discuss how they got into publishing, what the industry is like today, and the future of […]

So You Want to Be An Editor

If you’re like most young bibliophile, passionate, enthusiastic editors-to-be, you’ll probably be wondering whether you have what it takes to be a successful book editor in today’s competitive publishing industry. In order to help you out, and ease some of those pre-editing nerves, here is a list of what I’ve found to be the four […]

The Editorial Department – Now Available on Amazon.com!

Our new ebook on book editing entitled The Editorial Department is now available on Amazon.com. Click here to buy our newest book in our series on book publishing in the English-speaking world. The Editorial Department is available for $4.95. The Editorial Department by Jeremy Lucyk and Britanie Wilson gives a super-compressed introduction to book editing for […]

Ebook Innovations–The Editorial Department

  I thought I’d mention at least briefly some of the fun and pain we’re experiencing with trying to make good book ideas work in ePub formats. As you may know, the second book in the series for which this blog is named, The Editorial Department, is due out August 5, 2012. With less than a month to […]

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