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Two Reviews of Ryerson University’s Publishing Certificate Program

Are you graduating from your BA in English Lit., but not sure what to do with it or where to start? Are you interested in pursuing a career in book publishing? Well, there is a small selection of publishing program offered in Canada. Click here to see our list of publishing schools from across Canada. […]

Life in Publishing After Graduating As an English/History Major

Graduates of Linguistics may find work in translation, applied research, [insert nine abstruse positions/term I never understood the meaning of] lexicography, and copyediting… That was the extent of the comprehensible career prospects accruing to four years of study that awaited me and one hundred and fifty linguistics grads at York University. God knows how many there […]

Some Insider Secrets About the Book Publishing Industry in Canada

I want to let you in on a secret. Well, a few secrets about the publishing industry in Canada. The publishing industry in Canada is a small, slightly incestuous industry. So be careful what you say and to whom, and be careful whom you start a romantic relationship with. Your job and future job prospects […]

Doing Tactical Internships Work Far Fetter Than Applying to Job Postings

Lots of young professionals and trainees get really nervous about contacting employers to arrange internships or to arrange employment. Like the way I put that—arranging employment? Instead of applying for it. Sounds almost empowering, doesn’t it? Not as much like the usual protocol, whereby a company creates some job and advertises it for you guys […]

Useful Associations

Association of Canadian Publishers (ACP) Editors’ Association of Canada (EAC) Book Publisher’s Association of Alberta (BPAA) Association of Manitoba Book Publishers (AMPB) The Association of Book Publishers of British Columbia (ABPBC) Canada Councils for the Arts Canadian Book Professionals’ Association BookNet Canada  

Volunteering at a Publishing House

I’m a big believer that who you work with determines about 70% of satisfaction in a workplace. And there’s this real thing called corporate culture—also known as corporate ethos—that’s an important factor as well. I volunteered two afternoons a week at a mid-sized house when I was about 28, bartending and writing and trying to […]

Publishing Internships

Thinking about joining intern alley? Find out what it’s really like to be an intern at a publishing house. Coming soon, personal accounts, no-holds-barred stories of the glories and daily grunt work of doing an internship in book publishing. From large multi-nationals companies to small presses, we’ve got a range of stories to share with you. […] @storyartscentre Story Arts Centre on Vine Story Arts Centre on Google+