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Publishing Events, April 3-10

Ah, spring is in the air (or not, depending on where you live). To break the monotony of spring cleaning, here are three important publishing events taking place in the next week. Coach House Books Spring Launch 2013. April 4. The change of season means the unveiling of publishers’ spring lists, and Coach House Books […]

Connect With Centennial College’s Book & Magazine Publishing Program This Saturday, March 23rd

Thinking about training for a career in publishing? If you are, and live in the GTA, we highly recommend that you attend the open house for Centennial College’s Book & Magazine Publishing Program. This Saturday, March 23rd, Centennial College will be hosting a “Connect with Centennial” event at all four of its campuses. The session […]

To Edit or to Edit? That was the question: How Centennial College Changed My Perspective on the Publishing Industry

I think every student comes into the program with high expectations, of themselves and the instructors. This is after all the last post-graduate program many are hoping to take, myself included, and nothing is more important to any of us than coming out of this program with a job in hand. Coming into this program […]

Publishing Programs Offered in the United States

Are you looking to begin a career in book publishing, but not sure where to start? It’s often a good idea to take a few classes or an entire program in book publishing to establish a foundation and build your knowledge of the industry and their current practices. There are quite a few great colleges […]

My Journey into Publishing: A Path for Eclectic Academics and Dedicated Bibliophiles

My journey into publishing may seem like it followed a straight line from an English undergrad to an English MA to a Publishing Program, but, in reality, it strayed far from a neatly plotted path. My educational path began with a diverse assortment of first year courses at the University of Toronto: Psychology, Calculus, Italian, […]

How My Magazine Job Got Me My Job in Books

I wrote about my internship experience at a textbook publisher here and talked about the three things that lead me to paid work at the same publisher. But I never anticipated one other important factor. Although I always knew I wanted to pursue a career in books, it was my skills and training in online […]

Where do you go from here? From Intern to Industry Professional

By Lisa-Marie Wilson It’s a tough question to know what you do after you’ve graduated and for myself the route was a bit rocky. An internship that was less educational than I had hoped, fall out after completing the Ryerson Publishing program, and a job in finance in a completely different industry that I hated […]

How I Turned my Higher Ed Internship into a Job

Thankfully, and somewhat unexpectedly, I was able to turn a six-week internship at a textbook publisher into a job as a higher-education marketing assistant. I say “unexpectedly” because even though I had intentionally chosen to intern at a higher ed publisher thinking there’d be a greater likelihood of getting hired there than at a trade […]

How “Inexperience” Can Be an Asset in Publishing Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Schizophrenic Resume

Researching this project (the Entering the Book Publishing Industry series of books) over the past year, I noticed a curious feature of my reading material: it was either dispassionate analysis or effusive anecdotes. Only rarely did anyone try to draw conclusions about the ways and means of a successful career in publishing from an individual’s […]

A Review of the Creative Book Publishing Program at Humber College

By Stephanie Small Despite constant and dire warnings about the tenuous state of the publishing industry, hopeful would-be publishers are still applying in droves for the chance to work for Canadian publishing companies. It may be difficult to break into that “Promised Land” where books and dreams are made, but one way to get the […] @storyartscentre Story Arts Centre on Vine Story Arts Centre on Google+