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Tips for Writing a Persuasive Press Release

So, maybe you are starting out as a publicity intern or a publicity assistant, but haven’t quite mastered the art of writing a strong press release. Well, here are some tips for how to improve your press release writing skills and come up with an original and persuasive press release for your local and national […]

Cross-Marketing Your Publishing Skills

Let’s face it, this job market is a pretty tough place to be fishing for employment. With book industry doomsday prophets and sweating economists preaching the end of job markets as as we know it, it’s tough to keep a positive outlook on post-graduation employment ― or employment at all for that matter. I can’t […]

So You Want to Be a Publicist?

From creating author itineraries to planning book events, we’ll breakdown the myth of the frazzled publicist. Stay tuned! Here is a sneak peak. Publicists are in charge of: writing galley letters and press releases planning authors tours and events escorting authors to events, readings, and interviews working closely with sales and marketing teams contacting media […] @storyartscentre Story Arts Centre on Vine Story Arts Centre on Google+