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Publishing Events, April 3-10

Ah, spring is in the air (or not, depending on where you live). To break the monotony of spring cleaning, here are three important publishing events taking place in the next week. Coach House Books Spring Launch 2013. April 4. The change of season means the unveiling of publishers’ spring lists, and Coach House Books […]

Becoming a Fiction Editor Pt 2: Becoming a Good Non-Fiction Editor FIRST

Story-Technique-Oriented Bibliophile + formal and informal learning and practice + a little self-promoting + some luck In my first post on becoming a fiction editor, we took a look my STOB personality type and the formula by which a STOB successfully becomes and gains employment as a fiction editor. This next post will begin the […]

Book Events, February 27-March 6

Freedom to Read Week. February 24 – March 2. It’s Freedom to Read Week! Every year, Freedom to Read organizes events across Canada dedicated to intellectual freedom. Included are author readings, panel discussions and reading marathons. Visit their website for a full list of events. Toronto Events Censored: Tales True and Personal. February 28. If you’re in […]

Nicholas Hoare Closure

This past week, Toronto bibliophiles received the shocking news that Nicholas Hoare, one of Canada’s preeminent independent booksellers, is retiring. His venerable Toronto bookstore will close April 1st after 23 years. Hoare’s two other locations, in Ottawa and Montreal, closed in 2012. Beloved for their hand-crafted wooden fixtures, expertly curated selections and knowledgeable staff, Hoare’s […]

A 21st Century Dilemma: eBooks vs. Printed Books

I’ve been fighting with a dilemma for the past eight months since I received a Kobo Vox from my mom for Christmas (which I did ask for and was extremely excited to receive). Every time I search for books online for my Kobo, I wonder “Do I want this book in print?” “Will I want […]

My Journey into Publishing: A Path for Eclectic Academics and Dedicated Bibliophiles

My journey into publishing may seem like it followed a straight line from an English undergrad to an English MA to a Publishing Program, but, in reality, it strayed far from a neatly plotted path. My educational path began with a diverse assortment of first year courses at the University of Toronto: Psychology, Calculus, Italian, […]

Good To Be Queen (or King)

One of the adventures in life I’ve known I had to have from the relatively young age of 27 (I think that’s fairly young for us late-blooming Gen Xers) has been to publish books. Not write them, not sell them, edit them, or agent them–all glorious as hell in themselves, in my opinion–but publish them. […]

The End of Bookshelves and Meaning

Have you noticed lately that the apartments of some of the people you wind up dating are void of books? You may find yourself frantically searching for some insight into their interests only to find empty shelves and walls. It seems that gone are the days of shelves filled with DVDs, CDs, records, and books. […] @storyartscentre Story Arts Centre on Vine Story Arts Centre on Google+