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Publishing Events, April 3-10

Ah, spring is in the air (or not, depending on where you live). To break the monotony of spring cleaning, here are three important publishing events taking place in the next week. Coach House Books Spring Launch 2013. April 4. The change of season means the unveiling of publishers’ spring lists, and Coach House Books […]

Becoming a Fiction Editor Pt 2: Becoming a Good Non-Fiction Editor FIRST

Story-Technique-Oriented Bibliophile + formal and informal learning and practice + a little self-promoting + some luck In my first post on becoming a fiction editor, we took a look my STOB personality type and the formula by which a STOB successfully becomes and gains employment as a fiction editor. This next post will begin the […]

How To Become a Fiction Editor, Part One: Story-Technique-Oriented-Bibliophile

Fiction editing is very desirable work: helping people tell stories is one of the most visionary and creative types of editing you can do. And fiction is undeniably the writing form the carries the most cultural cachet (with the exception of poetry). Fiction arguably matters more than other forms; not everyone reads non-fiction, but everyone […]

High-Calibre Startup Publishing Concepts by Recent Publishing-School Grads: Paper Droids

It’s my pleasure to highlight three digital publishing houses to watch, enjoy, and possibly work for now and in the near future. This blog post will kick off a series of blog posts I’ll be writing about cool startups in the publishing industry. The three I’ll be writing about are all the work of young […]

What Do Proofreaders Really Do?

Are you not really sure what proofreaders do for a living? Do you imagine them locked away in some dark office staring at manuscripts all day? To find out more, check out this new video from Harlequin documenting what their proofreaders really do and what their work environment is really like. Enjoy this fun little […]

So You Want to Be An Editor

If you’re like most young bibliophile, passionate, enthusiastic editors-to-be, you’ll probably be wondering whether you have what it takes to be a successful book editor in today’s competitive publishing industry. In order to help you out, and ease some of those pre-editing nerves, here is a list of what I’ve found to be the four […]

The Editorial Department – Now Available on!

Our new ebook on book editing entitled The Editorial Department is now available on Click here to buy our newest book in our series on book publishing in the English-speaking world. The Editorial Department is available for $4.95. The Editorial Department by Jeremy Lucyk and Britanie Wilson gives a super-compressed introduction to book editing for […]

Working with Centennial College Press: Writing or Acquiring/Editing Short Non-Fiction Titles

Dear Editors, Authors, and other Publishing Talents: Centennial College Press seeks new manuscripts to publish, and we have a creative approach to finding them. We mine our own community of publishing professionals for great new book ideas. Our young author team of Wilson and Lucyk came to us direct from Centennial’s publishing program. It’s very […]

Contest in July 2012: The Editorial Department!

Dear Book Editors: We have a two upcoming skill-testing contests for you. Ill be talking them up and blogging on them relentlessly over the next few weeks. Here’s the basic idea. We’re publishing our next book, The Editorial Department, in a few weeks to Amazon. I have a super-team of editors working on the book right […]

Cross-Marketing Your Publishing Skills

Let’s face it, this job market is a pretty tough place to be fishing for employment. With book industry doomsday prophets and sweating economists preaching the end of job markets as as we know it, it’s tough to keep a positive outlook on post-graduation employment ― or employment at all for that matter. I can’t […] @storyartscentre Story Arts Centre on Vine Story Arts Centre on Google+