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Move over: getting young people into leadership roles in book publishing

Young leaders need to replace old ones. That’s the gist of my little opinion piece. Read on if you like. So, I’ve been hearing that publishing is losing lots of revenue; people are taking their attention and money elsewhere. With revenue loss comes job loss, and the jobs cut are often the ones that have to […]

Being a rockstar: why you want to start an indie publishing house

I’m a publisher twice over. I run a tiny college press half-time, working 20 hours a week, and I’ve just started a tinier press of my own. I fill the other twenty hours with freelance work, teaching in a college publishing program, and running Diabolic Muse, my upstart startup press. Growing both presses is fun, […]

Lucyk and Wilson’s Working in Publishing ebooks and A Very Brief History of the Book-Publishing Industry

As you readers probably know, we’re making some really superior books for you young careerists about the industry and about how to navigate a career within it. I’ll mention some great books later that we’re beholden to in a separate post; here’s the bottom-line difference between the great books we’re indebted to and the superior books we’re making: well, […]

The Future of Publishing

Check out this article on the future of book publishing in China from The Guardian UK entitled Has China Found the Future of Publishing? Also from The Guardian: Why Trailblazing Amazon Should Take on the Publishing Establishment. The future of publishing in India and other developing nations is a hot topic right now. Read this […]

Check Out this Great New Ebook Series!

A Very Brief History of the Publishing Industry is the first title in a new ebook mini series on the publishing industry in the English-speaking world. Starting from the buying and publishing patterns pre-World War II, the authors trace the development of corporate houses and multinationals, the birth of new formats to the rebirth of indie publishing […] @storyartscentre Story Arts Centre on Vine Story Arts Centre on Google+