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Working with Centennial College Press: Writing or Acquiring/Editing Short Non-Fiction Titles

Dear Editors, Authors, and other Publishing Talents: Centennial College Press seeks new manuscripts to publish, and we have a creative approach to finding them. We mine our own community of publishing professionals for great new book ideas. Our young author team of Wilson and Lucyk came to us direct from Centennial’s publishing program. It’s very […]

Good News for Book Publishing

Independent Booksellers in the U.S. Report Increased Sales Click here to read more this article from today’s Toronto Star. Click here to read more about BookExpo America from today’s Canadian Business. BookExpo (BEA) 2012 is being held June 5-7, 2012 at Javits Centre, New York City.    

Being a rockstar: why you want to start an indie publishing house

I’m a publisher twice over. I run a tiny college press half-time, working 20 hours a week, and I’ve just started a tinier press of my own. I fill the other twenty hours with freelance work, teaching in a college publishing program, and running Diabolic Muse, my upstart startup press. Growing both presses is fun, […]

Substantive, Copyediting, and Proofreading

There are many different types of editing involved in the production of a printed book. Here is a brief breakdown of the editing process: 1) Substantive Editing: The substantive edit is generally the first edit done on a new manuscript. This is a big picture edit that addresses major structural, plot, and content issues of the […]

Publishing Internships

Thinking about joining intern alley? Find out what it’s really like to be an intern at a publishing house. Coming soon, personal accounts, no-holds-barred stories of the glories and daily grunt work of doing an internship in book publishing. From large multi-nationals companies to small presses, we’ve got a range of stories to share with you. […]

How To Become a Graphic Designer

Image from So, you are interested in doing design, but aren’t quite sure how to get started. First off, it takes an artistic and creative person to make it in graphic design. A really good graphic designer can spot trends before they are popular, work well with others on team projects, and think outside […] @storyartscentre Story Arts Centre on Vine Story Arts Centre on Google+