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Becoming a Fiction Editor Pt 2: Becoming a Good Non-Fiction Editor FIRST

Story-Technique-Oriented Bibliophile + formal and informal learning and practice + a little self-promoting + some luck In my first post on becoming a fiction editor, we took a look my STOB personality type and the formula by which a STOB successfully becomes and gains employment as a fiction editor. This next post will begin the […]

How To Become a Fiction Editor, Part One: Story-Technique-Oriented-Bibliophile

Fiction editing is very desirable work: helping people tell stories is one of the most visionary and creative types of editing you can do. And fiction is undeniably the writing form the carries the most cultural cachet (with the exception of poetry). Fiction arguably matters more than other forms; not everyone reads non-fiction, but everyone […]

The Editorial Department – Now Available on!

Our new ebook on book editing entitled The Editorial Department is now available on Click here to buy our newest book in our series on book publishing in the English-speaking world. The Editorial Department is available for $4.95. The Editorial Department by Jeremy Lucyk and Britanie Wilson gives a super-compressed introduction to book editing for […]

Good To Be Queen (or King)

One of the adventures in life I’ve known I had to have from the relatively young age of 27 (I think that’s fairly young for us late-blooming Gen Xers) has been to publish books. Not write them, not sell them, edit them, or agent them–all glorious as hell in themselves, in my opinion–but publish them. […]

Ebook Innovations–The Editorial Department

  I thought I’d mention at least briefly some of the fun and pain we’re experiencing with trying to make good book ideas work in ePub formats. As you may know, the second book in the series for which this blog is named, The Editorial Department, is due out August 5, 2012. With less than a month to […]

Life in Publishing After Graduating As an English/History Major

Graduates of Linguistics may find work in translation, applied research, [insert nine abstruse positions/term I never understood the meaning of] lexicography, and copyediting… That was the extent of the comprehensible career prospects accruing to four years of study that awaited me and one hundred and fifty linguistics grads at York University. God knows how many there […]

Contest in July 2012: The Editorial Department!

Dear Book Editors: We have a two upcoming skill-testing contests for you. Ill be talking them up and blogging on them relentlessly over the next few weeks. Here’s the basic idea. We’re publishing our next book, The Editorial Department, in a few weeks to Amazon. I have a super-team of editors working on the book right […]

Move over: getting young people into leadership roles in book publishing

Young leaders need to replace old ones. That’s the gist of my little opinion piece. Read on if you like. So, I’ve been hearing that publishing is losing lots of revenue; people are taking their attention and money elsewhere. With revenue loss comes job loss, and the jobs cut are often the ones that have to […]

Lucyk and Wilson’s Working in Publishing ebooks and A Very Brief History of the Book-Publishing Industry

As you readers probably know, we’re making some really superior books for you young careerists about the industry and about how to navigate a career within it. I’ll mention some great books later that we’re beholden to in a separate post; here’s the bottom-line difference between the great books we’re indebted to and the superior books we’re making: well, […]

Doing Tactical Internships Work Far Fetter Than Applying to Job Postings

Lots of young professionals and trainees get really nervous about contacting employers to arrange internships or to arrange employment. Like the way I put that—arranging employment? Instead of applying for it. Sounds almost empowering, doesn’t it? Not as much like the usual protocol, whereby a company creates some job and advertises it for you guys […] @storyartscentre Story Arts Centre on Vine Story Arts Centre on Google+