Submission Guidelines

Write the ideal book for your field or program

CC Press publishes educational books and training materials for post-secondary institutions and non-academic organizations in the public and private sector. Our goal is to publish books with distinctive value for carefully targeted markets.

In the past, CC Press has developed materials on automotive technology, gas fitting, and construction geometry, and now publishes for the corporate communications market as well.

We welcome manuscript proposals on any topic, but here are some things we look for…

From College Faculty:

  • A Canada-wide enrolment of 1000 or more students in the program or programs at which your book is aimed.
  • Existing materials on your subject are outdated or do not suit the needs of Canadian students, students of a certain province/region, or students with a particular specialization.
  • Your program lacks materials to supplement existing textbooks (for example, study guides, workbooks, reference books).
  • Your program is new or developing/changing rapidly, and learning materials require frequent updating.

From Non-academic Private or Public Organizations:

  • Your organization sets professional standards for an industry, either in an official capacity or by virtue of your reputation.
  • Your organization has partnerships with training institutions (for example, to develop or evaluate curriculum, to take apprentices or interns, et cetera).

Benefits of Publishing

  • Royalty payments for authors, often long-term.
  • Enhanced reputation for authors in academic and professional communities.
  • Enhanced prestige of organizations that author textbooks.
  • Colleges extend their brand, increasing credibility of programs and raising enrolment levels.
  • Potential for new editions of works and supplemental materials.

To discuss your idea, please contact: @storyartscentre Story Arts Centre on Vine Story Arts Centre on Google+