Nicholas Hoare Closure

This past week, Toronto bibliophiles received the shocking news that Nicholas Hoare, one of Canada’s preeminent independent booksellers, is retiring. His venerable Toronto bookstore will close April 1st after 23 years. Hoare’s two other locations, in Ottawa and Montreal, closed in 2012.

Beloved for their hand-crafted wooden fixtures, expertly curated selections and knowledgeable staff, Hoare’s stores felt more like a private library than a retail space, and provided the warm and welcoming environment that independent bookstore patrons crave.

In the coming days, we’ll take a closer look at the decline of independent booksellers like Mr. Hoare, and what it indicates about the publishing industry in general.

For now, we encourage all who can to visit the Toronto store, at 45 Front Street East, before April 1st.


Nicholas Hoare Toronto storefront