Open Book Toronto Interviews eBook Author Jeremy Lucyk

Open Book Toronto recently interviewed our eBook authors, Britanie Wilson and Jeremy Lucyk, authors of our eBook miniseries entitled Entering the Publishing Industry.  The first two books in this series, A Very Brief History of the Book Publishing Industry and The Editorial Department are now available on Amazon. The second part of this two-part interview is now up on Open Book Toronto’s website.

Jeremy Lucyk

Here is a short excerpt from Open Book’s interview with author and freelance editor Jeremy Lucyk.

Open Book Toronto: Is there a concern that there are too many students graduating from publishing programmes, compared to jobs available in the industry? Or is it a case of the more, the merrier?

Jeremy Lucyk: There are still only a handful of publishing programs in Canada, so such an education remains an advantage. Also, the training given is (usually) cross-applicable to other fields, and many graduates will opt for a “safer” career than waiting around for a coveted publishing gig to open up.

That having been said, the Canadian industry is very small (less than 10,000 people), and publishing graduates will face competition from entrants with other backgrounds, notably English Literature and — increasingly, to confront contemporary challenges — from digital technology, design, and marketing students. Bottom line: the more the merrier, certainly, but be aware that there will be a lot of diverse competition, so be prepared to sell yourself.

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