Open Book Toronto Interviews eBook Author Britanie Wilson

Open Book Toronto recently interviewed our eBook authors, Britanie Wilson and Jeremy Lucyk, authors of our eBook miniseries entitled Entering the Publishing Industry.  The first two books in this series, A Very Brief History of the Book Publishing Industry and The Editorial Department are now available on Amazon. The first part of this two-part interview is now up Open Book Toronto’s website.

Britanie Wilson

Here is a short excerpt from Open Book Toronto’s interview with Britanie Wilson.

Open Book:
Is publishing a unique industry, in your opinion? How would you describe the Canadian industry?

Britanie Wilson:
I think it is, very much so, for a variety of reasons. For one, it’s an extremely unpredictable business. Those well-versed in business would take one look at the publishing business models and run in the other direction. It’s not very profitable at all, and therefore runs on very tight budgets and really relies on a few good sellers to get it through to the next year either breaking even or making a profit. It also involves a great amount of emotion — not always the best mix with business, but it makes for a vibrant and sometimes unpredictable work life. Authors are extremely attached to their material, and have every right to be, as they sometimes put years of their life into these books. And editors and publishing professionals have their own ideal book culture in mind. These sometimes clash, but when they do come together, as they almost always do, the product is quite amazing.

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Coming soon, the second part of the interview with our eBook author Jeremy Lucyk.

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