TalentEgg Interview Part-Two: Marketing Yourself And Networking In The Publishing Industry

Former Centennial College Book and Magazine Publishing graduates and the authors of our new eBook mini-series Entering the Publishing Industry were recently interviewed by TalentEgg’s Justine Abigail Yu. Authors Britanie Wilson and Jeremy Lucyk sat down with Justine to discuss how they got into publishing, what the industry is like today, and the future of book publishing.

Here is an excerpt from the second part of this two-part series:
Marketing Yourself And Networking In The Publishing Industry

TalentEgg: Where do you go about finding industry events to attend?

Britanie: Quill and Quire is a good one. It’s for trade publication workers in Canada. Get an online subscription. They also have a job board that’s very up to date and they immediately post any jobs that pop up in the industry.

Jeremy: Social media is huge. Follow publishers on Twitter and find their publicists too because their entire social media presence is dedicated to finding people interested in coming out to events.

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The first two titles in the eBook mini-series, A Very Brief History of the Book Publishing Industry and The Editorial Department, are now available on Amazon.com.