Publishing News: Random House and Penguin Merger Finalized

It has been announced today that two mega book publishers, Random House (owned by Bertelsmann, German) and Penguin (owned by Pearson, UK) will be merging companies. Random House published this year’s big commercial hit Fifty Shades of Grey and Penguin published books by authors including George Orwell, Jack Kerouac, and Canadian icon Alice Munro.

The new Penguin Random House will be focusing on more ebooks to compete with major ebook and ereader competitors like amazon (now also a publisher) and apple.

To find out more about this big publishing news read CBC’s recent article, Penguin, Random House Publishing Merger Finalized.

Check out this video clip from Reuters to find out more.

Here is another video from Newsy with a clip from BBC.

What does this mean for the book publishing industry when two of our major English-speaking publishing houses merge?