Working with Centennial College Press: Writing or Acquiring/Editing Short Non-Fiction Titles

Dear Editors, Authors, and other Publishing Talents:

Centennial College Press seeks new manuscripts to publish, and we have a creative approach to finding them. We mine our own community of publishing professionals for great new book ideas. Our young author team of Wilson and Lucyk came to us direct from Centennial’s publishing program.

It’s very simple: pitch us a great book that you think you can write that would run between 30 and 150 pages and team up with our editorial team to make it a reality. Though we don’t offer advances, we do offer 30% royalties on sales. Write the book, or approach us with an author and a TOC and pitch yourself as its editor.

We’re very open to new ideas, particularly highly focussed ideas that may have a sizable trade market. We distribute through Amazon and will soon be selling our books from our own webstore.

We publish:

Reference books for the communications arts industries, including book and magazine publishing

Focussed non-fiction titles on career building for young careerists in their twenties and thirties

Big idea books and manifestos for change in the world of work and industry

Let’s hear from you sometime soon!