Contest in July 2012: The Editorial Department!

Dear Book Editors:

We have a two upcoming skill-testing contests for you. Ill be talking them up and blogging on them relentlessly over the next few weeks.

Here’s the basic idea. We’re publishing our next book, The Editorial Department, in a few weeks to Amazon. I have a super-team of editors working on the book right now. They’re young, sharp, and driven.

These three were my top picks to take care of this particular book, and they all signed on; and then, weeks later, I told them about the challenge I wanted to subject their work to–to invite, DARE, any editor on Earth to find anything wrong with our book.

Now, I hate bait and switches, so each editor was given the chance to opt out and take a different project. Very much to their credit, none of them did. My team of editors and I will be officially calling you out–all of you: soon-to-be editors, writers with eagle eyes, crack copyeditors, painstaking proofreaders, talented editing students. Americans, Australians, Canadians, Europeans–anyone in the world who edits English-language books, magazines, or websites.

Anyone who emails in to us a bona fide error will be entered into a list we’ll call the Gauntlet, and their name will be published on a special page of honour in the corrected book that will be re-published to Amazon.

Besides these honourable mentions, we’ll be awarding good prizes to the three cleverest catches. The contest will open on the day the book is published, July 15. Set up RSS to get notified of the official opening of the Great Hunt.

And that’s not all.

We have another contest for the substantive editors. My senior team of editors are inviting you to participate in a less savage but no less interesting challenge. We want your editorial suggestions for The Editorial Department 2.0. We’ll have prizes for the three top editors, with first prize being a contract to work on the next edition of the book with our developmental team.

Do us two big favours?

1) Attack our book with your most obsessive scrutiny.

2) Pass the word about this contest!

If anyone knows how to get word of this contest to travel far and wide in the States and overseas, please let us know by dropping us an email or making a post.

Email us at:

Thanks, everyone!