Lucyk and Wilson’s Working in Publishing ebooks and A Very Brief History of the Book-Publishing Industry

As you readers probably know, we’re making some really superior books for you young careerists about the industry and about how to navigate a career within it. I’ll mention some great books later that we’re beholden to in a separate post; here’s the bottom-line difference between the great books we’re indebted to and the superior books we’re making: well, the previous generation of books are long. Ours are short. In some cases, very short.

Here’re the virtues of short:

Compression. Jeremy Lucyk (an historian before he was a book editor) distilled a handful of these long books and papers about the publishing industry and how it works (together they come in at about two thousand pages) into this rare bird full of insights and big-picture summations that’s just twenty-seven pages. Britanie and Jeremy handled the overall execution, as they’re doing with all the books.

Insight. You can’t even attempt to turn two thousand pages into twenty-seven without seeing some brand new patterns in publishing: then, now, and soon to be. Jeremy found some patterns that you new entrants into the industry should be happy to hear about and had better take advantage of.

Comprehension. Getting the movements and exertions of the publishing industry reduced to eight or nine specific struggles for evolution means you can hold a pretty firm understanding of the industry in mind without re-reading the book or making notes. Also, I’m finding the super-short read versus the long is helping me 1) Measure for myself how big a deal the current exertions of the industry must be, compared with the exertions of the recent and far-flung past. 2) Compare the big picture of publishing with other big-picture distillations of other cultural industries and cultural-distribution industries and look for patterns myself.

I’ll say also that I hate long books, and really get bored by too many tables, charts, and graphs. Thanks, guys, for cutting out a lot of the stuff I just don’t care to read. Oh, and it’s cheap to buy at 4.95, by the way. All the books, regardless of length, are going to be just $4.95. We hope this a friendly price for you youngsters; we figure you’ll let us know if not.

Our next book is for the people dearest to our heart: the soon-to-be book editors. It’s out in about three weeks on Amazon. The Editorial Department is the the title.

About ninety pages, and full of opportunities to do the work of book editing and see if you like it as much as we all do.

Hope you’re all enjoying this blog and are already getting something out of it.